Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take for me to receive my custom-made orthotics?

Between 15 - 20 working days, often much quicker. This is dependent on shipping times.

We ship out your foot impression kit within 24hrs of the order being placed. After your impression has been taken and returned (using the included shipping label), your custom orthotics will be designed and created within 5 business days and delivered straight to your door.

What's the shipping cost?

Australian-wide shipping is 100% free.

We will even provide you with a prepaid shipping label for when you post back your completed foot impression kit.

StepBetter Solution

How do I know if StepBetter is right for me?

Every StepBetter order begins with a free foot assessment, followed by a remote impression kit to determine if you are a candidate for our Custom Orthotics.

StepBetter is designed for minor to moderate situations, and all cases are reviewed by a registered, Australian podiatrist.

Are they truly custom-made orthotics?

Yes! Licenced podiatrists individually design and create each orthotic specific to the information and foot impression provided.

Our orthotics are 100% designed and manufactured in Australia with industry-leading technology.

What if my StepBetter custom orthotics don't feel right?

Sometimes, it may take a while to wear in your new custom orthotics; this is completely normal.

We will provide our 5-step wear in process upon delivery.

If something does seem off, just reach out, and we'll either put you in touch with a StepBetter-affiliated podiatrist, or refund you in full.

What if I make a mistake on my impressions.

We'll send you clear instructions on how to use your foot impression kit. It's easier than you think!

If for some reason, you feel you've taken an inaccurate impression or our lab determines there has been an error, we will send you out a new kit - free of charge.

What if I have a specific diagnosis from my podiatrist? Will StepBetter still work with me?

Our team have decades of experience helping people in all kinds of situations and with all kinds of diagnosis.

You'll have the opportunity to share as much information as you're comfortable with, for our partner Podiatrists to review.

Can I use insurance to pay for StepBetter custom orthotics?

We are currently communicating with Australian health funds and hope to have good news in 2023.

Until then, we believe there is still tremendous value in paying up to 60% less than other options, and we'll update our website once we know more.

Rest assured, your custom orthotics are designed by an Australian registered podiatrist.

How long should my orthotics last?

The life expectancy of our orthotics ranges anywhere from 1 year to 2 years or longer, depending on use.

Custom orthotics that are designed by a podiatrist are made using special materials. Ultimately this means your custom orthotics are built to last longer than any over-the-counter insole would.

As long as you care for them properly. Heavy wear-and-tear from logging tons of running kms every day may break them down more quickly and shorten their lifespan, but in general, these inserts can go for a while in normal day-to-day wear.

When it is time to replace your orthotics, StepBetter makes it simple to reorder as we keep your impression on file and offer our returning customers a hefty coupon code to use.